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Top 10 Exercises That Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is just simple fat, that is present inside the skin of our body, and thereby the only way to reduce it is by losing body weight. The best and simple way to lose cellulite is to do workouts, rather than using different kinds of creams or wearing clothes that hide them. As people age, they lose muscles. And muscles only gives fat its shape. Therefore, in order to get rid of cellulite, the following are some of the best exercises you can do right now. Using jeans from is very much recommended for any of these exercises.

10 Exercise That Makes Cellulite Go Away

  • Clockwork Lunge : This is one of the best exercises to keep all your cellulite at bay. This is done by lunging forward with your right knee bent 90 degrees, with your left leg being straight. Doing 15 sets of this exercise will be sufficient, to say the least.
  • Doing Plie Squat And Raising Alternate Heels : This is another exercise, where you do squats, with thighs at 90 degrees. You also raise your right and left heels too. Also do 15 reps here as well.
  • Alternating Abduction Squats : To do this exercise, you have to use a Swiss ball, where you keep your right leg on top of it. You also have to squat at the same time, with your thighs being parallel to the floor. Do this 15 times.
  • Lunge And Squat With Adduction Curtsy : This involves using the Swiss ball, and using each one of your legs at a time, on it. Right leg will roll over to the right side, and left over to the left side. Also, do this 15 times.
  • Raising Calf And Doing Squats : In this exercise, one has to raise her heels, and then do a squat as well. This should also be repeated for 15 times.
  • Brazilian Type Lunge : This is the same type of lunge as was did earlier, but now with using the left foot. The felt foot will now be bent 90 degrees and the right leg very close to the floor. Also, try to do this 15 times.
  • Bridge Of The Hips : This exercise is all about raising your hips. You raise your hips, where you keep it at a straight line, with your knees and chest, by holding up to 3 seconds. Do this 15 times too.
  • Lifting Hip And Doing Hamstring Curl : This exercise is all about keeping your legs on the Swiss ball and raising your hip to be in straight line with them. Also, it involves pulling and pushing the balls towards and from you. 15 times here.
  • Strapping With The Boot : This involves raising and lowering your knees and buttocks and repeating them several times. After doing this, you should stand up. This exercise has to be done 15 times.
  • Lifting Dead Weights With Straight Legs : This involves lifting weights in each of your hands and then using your hips to lower and raise them. Keep your legs straight. Also, repeat this 15 times.