The Permanent Effects of Drugs on the Body and Brain

Consumption of drugs has a very destructive effect on the body. Not only does it affect the body, it affects your brain, relationships, and behavior as well. However, there are few effects that are permanent which will affect the body and there will be a depletion in your complete health as well as the functions performed by the body which will result is some sort of disability that will be permanent or in some cases there is death. Whether you abuse legal drugs or illegal drugs, anything taken in excess amount will cause consequential problems and these cannot be reversed. Therefore you can visit ontario drug rehabs to get sober.

Cocaine is one drug that is considered the most dangerous type. Some of the permanent or long-term effects that cocaine will have on a body are depletion of bone density and there is a decrease in the muscle mass. Such depletion will cause osteoporosis in an individual who does drugs. There are chances of having an eating disorder since cocaine represses appetite to such an extent that it leads to this disorder. There is a remarkable change in the metabolism of the body which will render unnecessary fat-containing food.

There is the induction of continues a cough when there is cocaine abuse in people who use it because the drug does an extensive damage to the respiratory system. It particularly complicates the upper respiratory and pulmonary system resulting in difficulty in breathing. Thin in turn will lead to insufficient supply of blood to the muscles of the heart.

The damage caused due to cocaine abuse to the brain it will last for the longest time. It has been observed that cocaine makes brain to age faster in an unnatural manner. There is a loss of brain volume two times more than people who don’t use drugs every year. There is a loss of grey matter.