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The Best Healthy Habits to Introduce in 2019

Many of us make resolutions for the New Year. There are many jokes about people not sticking to these resolutions even for a week.  It is important though to have a healthy lifestyle every day and every week and every month. You do not need to start a resolution on a particular date like 1st January. But the New Year is just around the corner and you can ensure that you start a new regime of habits that are easy to follow and stick for longer.

  1. The reason that most people are not able to stick to these resolutions is that they set up very strict and high targets. For example, eating only salads or running 10 km a day etc. So set us easier goals- like eating healthier, start walking and jogging – without setting time- based or restrictive targets.
  2. Try to maintain a regular schedule. This means working for some hours and then giving the body and mind the required hours of rest. Sleep enough and enjoy life. This is a resolution that will be easy to follow. This will also help to reduce stress in your life
  3. Try to buy local produce. This is easy again as you can always go to the nearby farmers’ market and buy fresh produce. This will ensure that you eat healthy and fresh food brimming with nature’s bountiful nutrients.
  4. Have some natural supplements and medicines that will enhance the power of both body and mind. You can find some herbal products easily and wekratom is a good place for natural pain management remedies.

Balance. Yes, embrace an approach of balance in your life. This should be your motto for the New Year. No extreme goals and no extreme strenuous new changes at all. Start new practices slowly and then you will see that you can adhere to the practices for a few more weeks until they become ingrained in your lifestyle. Soon you will see a sea change in your health and perspective.