How Protein Helps Increase Build Muscle and Strength

Protein is mandatory for muscle repair and growth of new tissues in the human body.  Daily protein intake is needed from 0.75gm to 0.80gm depending on gender and body weight of a person.   If you aim at building more muscles then a higher quantity is needed.  Protein is very useful in toning and strengthening muscles.  It improves the efficient functioning of body hormones.  It is useful in the repair of skin.  Hence to avoid those rashes, acne, and wrinkles one needs protein more.  Protein builds immunity.  It is the source of energy next to carbohydrates.

Protein helps in avoiding deadly diseases like Alzheimer and atrophy of muscles.

Getting the required protein by adopting a keto diet and by referring to sites like Hello Keto Diet will help a great deal because of the following reasons:

  1. You might think that you can easily get the required protein by consuming more meat or protein supplements. The trick which nature has built in the body is that body excretes quantity of protein which is consumed beyond need through urine.
  2. Consuming protein through meat sources can lead to cardiovascular diseases as they contain high bad fats and alarming quantities of protein which can lead to kidney disorders.

Under a keto diet, you can get the required quantity of protein easily by consuming healthy low carb foods.  Plant-based sources to give more health benefits.  They are the ideal source of protein intake.  Hence consuming more of nuts like almonds, seeds like pumpkin seeds, sprouts and boiled whole grains can increase protein.  This will help in building muscles and strength in a harmless way.  Also, these can be consumed easily in the form of salads with whole lots of fresh vegetables which will lead to a lot of health benefits and improve your immunity.  Hence keto diet is the safest and easiest way of consuming protein and staying healthy.