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    Dental Trouble in Pets: Here’s What to Watch For and How to Prevent It

    When you have teeth, you are bound to face some issues with them at one point in time or the other. Sadly, this is not the case just with humans. Even our dogs can get infected and have oral issues that require them to go and get them professionally sorted out. Just like how you would pay special attention to and buy your Labrador only a dog bed for Labradors, you must pay attention to their teeth and keep them healthy too.

    Watch Out

    If you are new to this concept of dental health issues for your dog, here is what you should look out for, to ensure better oral health for your pet:


    Just like with us humans, if your dog’s breath smells bad, he is in trouble. Yes, a dog’s breath is definitely more pungent and bad smelling than humans, more famously known as the dog breath. However, you must be used to that particular dog breath by now and will be able to make out a drastic difference in the breath if it is really bad. Unless your pet has eaten something with a strong smell, a bad breath could indicate dental issues.


    Again, like with us humans, if your dog’s teeth are discolored, it needs to be checked by the vet. If you feel the teeth are not white or are changing color in corners and around the gum area, it is a warning sign that there is an impending dental issue to be attended to. Loose teeth are also another indicator of bone loss or damage on the inside.

    Prevent It

    Dental issues can be prevented for your pet too. Here is how:

    • When you visit the vet, get the dog’s teeth cleaned. This will not only give your dog a professional cleaning but will also give your vet a chance to examine the teeth up close and identify issues before it is too late.
    • Pay attention to his dental health and watch out for the signs mentioned above.
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