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    Best Things to Know About Healthcare Overspending and Savings Opportunities

    These days the savvy consumer is the crucial aspect in the healthcare industry. But still, there is much wastage of money due to the ignorance of the consumer. Here best things to know about healthcare overspending and savings opportunity is discussed.

    1. Patients cannot identify the proper healthcare facilities required for his health issues and often choose wrong healthcare facilities and waste money on that. As per the Vitals report, around $18 billion got wasted on the visit to the emergency department which can easily be avoided.
    2. The statistics say that nearly half of the total patients, i.e., 40% visit emergency department though it is merely for non-emergency medical purposes.
    3. There is a vast knowledge gap among patients regarding the cost involved in a procedure. The patients have started to compare the prices included in the different procedure, but it’s not possible for them to know every detail of costing that varies for each and every procedure. For example, an appendectomy costs $33000 in an average, but the procedure cost ranges from $1500 to $180000 between low and high end.
    4. Before spending any amount on the healthcare, thorough research should be conducted by the patients on the procedure costs of healthcare facilities available as per his requirement. The savings of a significant amount is possible by the average customers when they shop around for healthcare actively. The savings per procedure by the average consumer are as follows.

    $780 on MRI, $3187 on Gall Bladder Surgery, $12436 on Bariatric Surgery,$1351 in Colonoscopy, $7649 on Hip replacements.

    It is ideal for the patients to follow the trend reversal trading before spending any money on healthcare. Wherever the patients make hurry due to the emergency nature of health issues, they overspend in healthcare and lose the saving opportunities.

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